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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild Leek & Potato Soup by Chef Luke

'Tis the season for wild leeks (aka: ramps, Allium Tricoccum, spring onion, wild garlic).
It is an early spring vegetable with a strong garlicky aroma and oniony flavor. It grows from the Carolina's all the way to Canada and many foodies look forward to it's brief season each year. It looks a lot like chives, but with broader leaves and a scallion like root or bulb. It grows plentifully around the Finger Lakes, even in my yard.
Researching a few recipe ideas we found that ramps were mentioned in recipes dating as far back as 1530 in England. I suspect they thought ramps would bring some spring flavor to the last of the winter potatoes. We think they were onto something.
So, today Chef Luke braved the rain and harvested some ramp. He had his heart set on making Wild Leek & Potato Soup before the ramp season passed us by. It's rich & creamy, and comforting on a bone chilling rainy, Upstate New York "spring" day.
I once read, "It takes a good soul to make a good soup." I believe that's true. We're proud to welcome Chef Luke back to the Rogues' Harbor Inn, Ithaca, NY, the heart of the Finger Lakes.
Today's harvest of freshly scrubbed ramp