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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rogues' Harbor Inn Caters their Locally Sourced Fare to the Finger Lakes

Asian Citrus Salad with pint of our Cayuga Cream Ale
We cater.
We take our locally sourced, globally inspired fare and our craft brews to you. Whatever the occasion: formal lakeside wedding, retirement dinner, birthday BBQ bash or luncheon picnic, we have a wonderful selection of offerings to suit the gathering. It all starts with you.
From 18 years of serving hungry guests at the inn we have developed offerings which are fresh, locally sourced and designated with GF (gluten free), vegetarian, vegan...or none of the above. Everything from wine braised short ribs to black bean butternut stew (vegan), from pulled pork sandwiches to caprese salad with basil pesto (vegetarian)- Desserts too: chocolate mousse, apple crisp (vegan), lemon bars...whatever your heart desires. Even our own craft brewed ales are on the menu with pairing suggestions.
We can serve a formal candle lit dinner or set out a buffet spread. You can even pick up your order. It all starts with your vision of your gathering.
Our catering menu is on our web site
Your vision plus our talent and service, It's a recipe for success.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Locally Sourced BBQ for 4th of July in the Finger Lakes

We're all dressed up for Independence Day, buntings, flags... We go all out, but it's really about our locally sourced fare paired with our craft brews. Our latest Brewer's Choice is a Summer Sour Ale and it pairs well with every course.
It's the epitome of summer, 4th of July BBQ and craft beer. What's not to love. Chefs Anthony and Vincent are preparing a dry rubbed, slow roasted pulled pork from the Piggery, local, organic, happy pig, and a spicy slaw to go with. There'll be corn bread, too. They've drawn inspiration from our nation's colors as well. For red, white and blue vegetarian fare our chefs are creating a salad with fresh strawberries, blueberries and local Lively Run Feta cheese over organic greens. Save room for red, white and blue dessert, too- homemade vanilla mousse with strawberries and blueberries. YUM.
Our specials will be offered all weekend until they sell out. Get 'em while they last.
The Inn has stood witness to many of our nation's finest hours. Join us celebrating it's 184th Independence day.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rogues' Harbor Brewing Crafts a Sour Ale for Summer in the Finger Lakes

Our Summer Sour Ale pairs well with Finger Lakes Cheeses

Rogues' Harbor Brewing Co's latest Brewer's Choice is here. It's a Summer Sour Ale. Sours have been sweeping the craft brewing scene for the past two summers. Immediately embraced by beer geeks, we think it's gone mainstream this year. Our brewer's were excited to jump on board and brew one for us this summer and the time has come.
Sours are brewed by introducing an acidifying bacteria during the fermentation process. They embrace the tart side of beer and are food friendly. We like that.
Ours is a naturally soured ale, bright golden in color, crisp and refreshingly tart. It's a warm weather beer, such a relief from the heat of a blazing summer day. We think it pairs well with our Finger Lakes Cheese Board and Fried Calimari appetizers. For an entree pairing, we think it's a winner with our Herb & Parmesan Haddock and Sun Dried Tomato Polenta Salad. It even compliments our Wild Berry Cobbler for dessert. It's a versatile craft beer that pairs well with every course.
Sour is here! Just like summer...Enjoy it while it lasts.