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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Craft Brewing Comes to Rogues' Harbor

When the decision was made to begin brewing beer at Rogues' Harbor Inn one of the first important choices was which style of beer would be the first brew for the pub. There was a desire to brew a style that represented a connection to New York State's brewing history. It was in his spirit that Cream Ale was chosen as the first style to represent the newest brewing endeavor in the Ithaca, NY area.

Cream ale is an original American style which had a strong presence in New York State, continuing to be brewed even after Prohibition devastated the traditional brewing landscape. It's an often misunderstood style of beer and frequently gets confused with several English style beers that get a creamy head through the use of nitrogen gas. The actual cream ale style was initially an attempt by ale brewers to mimic the light style lagers that were growing in popularity. They are lighter in color and body than pale ales, and are less aggressively hopped. The style is meant to be enjoyed by a large range of drinkers looking for something that won't overwhelm the pallet but will be an excellent compliment to any meal.

Rogues' Harbor Brewing is proud to bring its Cayuga Cream Ale to the heart of the Finger Lake's and continue in the fine brewing tradition of the region. Cayuga Cream ale has a nice golden hue, a frothy white head and mild aroma of both the malted barley and the hops that are used in its creation. The slightly warm toasty malt flavor mingles with just a hint of hops, a good body, and leaves your thirst quenched. It's a great beer to share with good company in a friendly atmosphere while enjoying a delicious meal or just great conversation.

We hope that you'll come in and try this delicious first offering from Rogues' Harbor. For those who have already given it a try tell all your friends and invite them around for a pint!