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Monday, April 18, 2011

"How did you hear about the Rogues' Harbor Inn?"

"How did you hear about the Rogues' Harbor Inn?" This is a question posed on our Preferred Diner registration card. Other questions include the usual: name, address, phone, email, birthday, comments, etc...We have guests fill these out so we can email them special offers, send them coupons for their birthday, let them know about dinner specials and what we've been brewing recently. I read every card because it's interesting, but the answer which I find the most intriguing is always, "How did you hear about us?"
The answers vary as much as the guests. Some are pedestrian; some are hilarious. But all the answers reveal something about the guests that wrote them and the place they visited, the Rogues' Harbor Inn.
Many found Rogues' via the Internet. Some come from far away places and find an historic bed and breakfast in the heart of the Finger Lakes to stay in through the wonders of google. Others who found Rogues' through the Internet are from Ithaca and the surrounding area, but find Lansing to be a nice restaurant get away for dinner and drinks that seems far away, but truly is only about 5 miles north of Ithaca. Other locals often answer that they heard about Rogues' through friends or family, or were just driving by and decided to stop. Something about Rogues' appeals to them: the history, the regional cuisine, the big, fat burgers, our fabulous wings, our own microbrewery, the witty bartenders' Facebook page...Whatever it is, we're glad they found us and enjoy hearing how that happened (or maybe happened?...).
Here come some of the more clever answers.
"We know"
"We have always known"
"Can't remember, been coming here forever"
"Been coming here for 40 years!"
"My underground slave friend"
"The grape vine"
"Alien abductor"
"Cell mate"
"Bathroom wall"
"Got lost and ended up here"
"The North star"
"Civil war buddy"
"My great, great, great, great, great uncle built the inn"
Whether the answers are true or not, we may never know, but i get kick out of reading them. So, keep 'em comin'. No matter how you find Rogues', we're always glad to see you.