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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rogues' Harbor Inn Loves Finger Lakes Fresh

Finger Lakes Fresh Boston Lettuce

We love all things local here at Rogues'. Sometimes our devotion is challenging here in the not always warm and sunny Finger Lakes. Summer and fall are abundant with fresh local produce: herbs, salad greens, peaches, apples, corn.... Come February, we're down to root vegetables and possibly kale. Not that we have anything against root vegetables, but we do need our leafy greens. So, we were pretty happy to find Finger Lakes Fresh just a few miles up the road from us.They grow the most beautiful lettuce and arugula, year round, hydroponically in green houses.

A write up in our favorite local magazine, Edible Finger Lakes, lead us to them. "Finger Lakes Fresh specialize in hydroponics (derived from the Greek words for water and labor), a method of farming that delivers nutrients to plants in a water solution, without soil, to produce pesticide-free greens. Their greenhouses are clear-domed structures that use solar radiation to warm plants and their contained environments help the growers control light and temperature, pests and other factors, ensuring that a reliable source."
We're thinking about our spring menu and their arugula is going to be included in at least a summery salad and a pasta dish. We've found a few more wonderful local components for the spring menu, too. We'll be blogging/bragging about them soon. But, today we celebrate greens.
 Even when it’s snowing outside, crispy, crunchy lettuce is available for our salads and sandwiches that's locally grown, fresh and pesticide free. Fresh, local greens all year long, it's a dream come true.