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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunday Tasting Series at the Rogues' Harbor Inn

Whiskey by Finger Lakes Distilling

I knew this photo would get your attention...Whiskey, neat. No fuss, no muss.

Every Sunday, Rogues' Harbor Inn is proud and excited to welcome a local distiller, wine maker or brewer to pour some samples of their fine work and maybe educate us all while we taste.

Finger Lakes Distilling kicks off the Sunday Tasting Series this Sunday, October 28 from 5:30 - 7 pm. Brian McKenzie, owner, will be here to pour four whiskeys and tell us about how barrels and aging affect the color and flavor of the whiskey we're tasting. We'll be pairing some smoked beef with Bier Meck cheese and peppered crostini to go with the four whiskeys: White Pike, Pure Pot Still (Irish) Whiskey, McKenzie Bourbon, and McKenzie Rye.

In the spirit of fermentation cooperation, we'll be making a Boilermaker with their McKenzie Rye whiskey and our Cayuga Cream Ale!

The schedule for the Sunday Tasting Series is coming together and here are a few of our guests: November 4 will be Ports of New York, November 11 will be Bacchus Brewing and November 25 will be Bet the Farm Winery. Each evening will feature a few fermented beverages to taste with some knowledge sharing and a pairing to nibble on by Chef Jeff to go with.

So, save the date- every Sunday at Rogues' from 5:30 - 7, The Sunday Tasting Series is is bringing world class wine, beer and spirits from all over the Finger Lakes right to your neighborhood pub.

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