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Monday, August 1, 2011

TOP TEN Things I Love about the East Shore of Cayuga

Sunset on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake, Lansing, NY (on my  iPhone)

 I don't think my Top Ten is in any special order. In fact, the order could change nearly everyday depending on my outlook.

1. Wildly Colorful Sunsets every night

You can drive Route 13/34 North up from Ithaca towards Aurora; East Shore Drive offers some spectacular views or you can stop at Meyers Park or Long Point Park to view the stunning exit of the sun's last rays.

2. The Lake, Cayuga that is

Swim, boat, walk the shore, soak up some sun, go fishing, hunt for fossils... It's all good.

3. Wine

We are right ON the Cayuga Wine Trail. Just 10- 15 minutes from the Rogues' Harbor Inn: King Ferry (Treleaven) Winery, Long Point Winery, Bet the Farm, Heart & Hands Winery... There is never a shortage of Finger Lakes Riesling or any other wine in these parts.

4. Good Food

But not just good food, interesting places to kick back and soak up some atmosphere. From formal to swim trunks casual Cayuga's east shore has some don't miss stops. The restaurant at the Rogues' Harbor Inn is on list, but we send guests out into the wilderness armed with a compass & a credit card (and good directions) to places like The Fargo, Pumpkin Hill Bistro & The Aurora Inn. All different, but really good- and pretty easy to find.

5. Microbreweries & Brew Pubs

We have 3 so far and I feel like a trend has emerged. There will be more, probably soon. So, the three close by right now are: Ithaca Beer Company, Band Wagon Brew Pub, & our own Rogues' Harbor Brewing Company.

6. Proximity to Cornell University, Ithaca College & Wells College

Not all locals would agree, the Universities bring a lot of traffic to the area, but all the good far outweighs the traffic. I love having the world at my finger tips and having them close by really offers a lot. World class art exhibits at the Johnson Museum, well tended gardens at Cornell Plantations, concerts at Bailey Hall, lectures all over the three campuses, dance & theatre...I love it all.

7. Farms & Local Producers

We buy a lot of local wine, beer, cheese, apples, eggs, jams, beef, sauces, all kinds of wonderful ingredients. But my favorite by far is butter and sugar corn from Fedorka Farms just 5 minutes from the inn. Ed just started picking and we'll be serving the best corn on earth until late August or early September. We've been waiting all year for this.

8. Diversity

There are people living here from all over the world. They come because of the Universities, the Temple, the wine, the beauty, the art community, the lack of traffic and big city head aches, or they simply grew up here and were smart enough to stay...whatever the reason, it creates a good vibe.

9. Gorges & Waterfalls

There is something ethereal & soothing about waterfalls. The cool fresh air, the constant sound of the water pounding the rocks below, the lush canopy of trees lazily drooping over the bank...We have so many that some don't even have names. But, Ithaca Falls and Ludlowville Falls are my two close by favorites.

10. Sublime Beauty

Every single day I have a scenic drive to work or wherever I happen to be going. Rolling hills, lake views, lush vegetation, ever changing with the seasons yet somehow remaining the same. Spectacular fall foliage, stark winters with pristine white snow, jubilant flowering fruit trees come spring and glorious summer- green, leafy, fresh smelling sunshine reflecting off the water, they're all gentle reminders to work a little less and enjoy life a little more.