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Monday, August 15, 2011

Finger Lakes Fresh Breakfasts at the Rogues' Harbor Inn

Bed and Breakfasts have two components, beds and breakfasts. It seems obvious, but not everyone gets it. It's a simple concept, and simple is good. Inns, B&Bs and smaller lodging establishments specialize in unique decor, cushy beds, personal service and yummy hot breakfasts.
We place comment cards in all our rooms to be sure our guests love everything, see if they have ideas, concerns or God forbid complaints. We read them all. We get high marks generally, especially for decor, room size, comfy beds, nice flat screen TVs, Wifi,... A few comment cards have yielded some needed amenities like: room darkening shades, bath salts, full length mirrors, more hooks in the bathrooms,... We appreciate the ideas. Breakfast, however, doesn't always receive high marks- just good or OK. We aim much higher than that.
So, this week our historic ballroom where we serve breakfast to our B&B guests got a make over. We put in smaller individual tables instead large family style tables (a comment card suggestion- thank you) and decorated them with checked clothes and McKenzie Child's place mats. Each table will be served their own French press Gimme coffee & fresh fruit plate while we prepare the main course breakfast offering. We'll offer a buffet style display or cereals, homemade scones & cinnamon rolls, and juices as well. Then the main course.
Today, Chef Luke and I conjured up a whole new set of breakfast offerings for the lodging guests at the inn. We still love quiche, but we will also be preparing roast beef hash with thinly sliced beef browned with potatoes, peppers, onions, fresh rosemary... and topped with a fried egg. Oh and, Flat breads topped with scrambled eggs, fresh herbs, bacon, & melted cheddar cheese. My personal favorite, French Toast made with whole grain bread, fresh berries & yogurt, not overly sweet and quite good.
Lots of fresh, local Finger Lakes ingredients prepared in new ways. We buy free range, organic eggs from an Amish family, their homemade breads & jams are a must as well, cheeses from Lively Run, Keeley's & Finger Lakes Farmstead, yogurt from Chobani, fresh herbs and vegetables from the Ithaca Farmer's Market.
We're pleased to be offering some fresh & different breakfasts for our guests. It's a great way to start a glorious Finger Lakes day.