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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beer to Go at the Rogues' Harbor Inn, Ithaca NY

It's true. Beer to go is legal, and alive & well at the 'Harbor. You can take fresh draught beer home with you. A growler is a beautiful thing. In case you don't know about about growlers, here's the Reader's Digest version of their being.
Apparently, drinking on the job preceded the 2 martini business lunch. Long before a can that could withstand the carbonated pressure of beer, beer was transported in covered pails. Prior to WWII kids used to lug these covered pails to their parents at work to have with their lunch. There are a few theories as to how they came to be known as growlers. One, is that their parents growled at them for spillage of their liquid lunch nourishment. Another is that the lid made a growling noise as CO2 escaped from the pail. My favorite is that the awaiting consumer's bellies growled because they were hungry at lunch time.
No matter how the glorious glass container got it's name, it's utility remains the same. In the 1980's a new brew pub in Wyoming re-ignited the growler's popularity by producing custom imprinted, resealable glass cider jugs for their beer. It was a good idea that caught on fast. Today, nearly every micro brewery has their own growler for sale which can be re- used to carry out beer from any micro brewery or brew pub. In fact, the growler is green. The re-use of the growler is estimated to keep over 1 billion cans and bottles out of land fills every year!
The Rogues' Harbor Inn likes being green and keeping tipsy patrons off the road. We sell our own one liter (aka 2 pint) growlers that have the easy seal ceramic flip top. Take some to a friend to try or take your last beers of the night home with you. Anything we sell on draught can be sold to go: Ours, Rogues' Harbor Brewing Company's Cayuga Cream Ale & Route 34 Red Ale, Victory Prima Pils, Harpoon IPA, Ithaca's Apricot Wheat, Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat, Harp, Bass, ... anything. This week is American Craft Brew Week and to celebrate we are going to offer our growlers at half price for one day only, this Wednesday, May 18. So get a growler of your very own and celebrate the diversity of the craft brew revolution- at Rogues' or at home.