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Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Craft Brew Week at the Rogues' Harbor Inn, May 16 - 22, 2011

Beer Steamed Mussels
& Cayuga Cream Ale
We might have mentioned (at least 100 times in the past 2 months) that the Rogues' Harbor Inn launched a new venture this year, the Rogues' Harbor Brewing Company. We joined the micro brewing revolution which has been sweeping the nation for the past 10 years and began craft brewing our own beer in March. Apparently, a lot of folks think this revolution is worth celebrating, Rogues' included, and American Craft Brew Week was born.
It is being held next week, May 16 - 22 across the entire U.S. It was organized to celebrate the independence & diversity of the American craft brew scene a few years ago and it's mission is to celebrate the culture and community of craft beer. It's the 4th of July of brewing. Sounds great to me, but our nation has had a bit of a love- hate relationship with alcohol over it's history. We even broke up with beer and all alcohol for 14 years (prohibition). As in most fairy tales, love conquered all and beer was back in 1934.
Happily, Americans hate to be told what to do, civil disobedience is patriotic, we're an independent sort and I think craft brewing embodies that spirit. Craft brewers everywhere are united in their quest for individuality. Some of my favorites are Blue Point's Blueberry Lager, Roosterfish's Strawberry Blond, Rogues' (Washington State, not us) Chocolate Extra Stout, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, Dog Fish Head's 90 Minute IPA,.... there are so many cool craft brews and what seems like so little time.
In celebration this week we'll be serving our brew inspired spring menu offerings like Beer Steamed Mussels & Beer Braised Bratwurst along with Giant Pretzels & an All American Phillie Cheese Burger. We just couldn't think of anything more American than a cheese burger and fries with a pint of craft brew. The burger will be our 1/2 pound Angus steak burger, grilled and topped with beer braised onions, peppers & melted provolone cheese. Add some fries, a pint of Cayuga Cream Ale and hopefully a little sunshine. That's heaven. Right here, right now, Carpe Diem.