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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dog Treats from spent brewery grain from the Rogues' Harbor Inn

"Brewscuits" TM from the Rogues' Harbor Inn
We generate a lot of spent grain at the Rogues' Harbor Brewing Co. By a lot, we mean about 100 pounds per batch (4 kegs), tiny by most brewery standards. But, still we felt terrible just composting it. So we did a little research and it seems many breweries offer it to local farmers as feed- which we have zero success with offering. A few breweries compost it- which we do already...still didn't seem like the best use. Then, we found that many breweries make dog treats from their left over spent brewing grain. Woof! We love dogs, so we decided to do the same.
So, here's the process. Chris and Alex mill about 100 pounds of grain, boil it, transfer the hot liquid which yields 4 kegs of beer post hopping, fermentation and carbonation. We're left with the 100 pounds of wet spent grain which they give some of to Chef Jeff at the inn. He combines the grain with peanut butter, eggs and water then bakes. We never use hops with the grain or add any crappy uber processed ingredients or preservatives. Just nutritious tasty treats for our beloved dogs. Manager Shaunna packages and displays.  Chef Andy came up the name, "Brewscuits," and owner Eileen created the labels. Servers and bartenders can put them right on your dinner or bar  bill. It's a team effort to the extreme, every department is involved. Every staffer took some of our first batch home and doggie tested. Jazzy, Daisy, Brocc, Ellie, Jack, Piper, Lucca and Snickers all greedily approved. Not a crumb was wasted.
We all love dogs so much that $1 from each sale benefits the Tompkins County SPCA. Brewscuits are available starting today. So celebrate the holidays with gift giving that's dog approved and benefits our local SPCA.