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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rogues' Harbor Inn is Obsessed with Finger Lakes Cheese

FLX Cheese Board and a pint of our East Shore Pale Ale
Any guest looking over our new spring dinner menu would notice there's a lot of cheese. It's all local. It's all wonderful. But, there is a lot. We love cheese and it shows because we incorporate local cheeses is a number of appetizers, entrees, sandwiches and salads. I truly believe that few dishes could not be improved by adding a cheese component. How do vegans survive? Really. I could live without meat, but for me, life (and by life I mean eating) would be very dull indeed without cheese. Fortunately, I am not alone in my Finger Lakes Cheese obsession. There is even a Finger Lakes Cheese Trail which locates working farm artisan cheese makers large and small, near and far from all over the region. In fact, the Cayuga Lake "Trail" leads right past us. Yet another trail leading happy travelers right to our door. So, if you can't make every stop (there are 15), we're here for you.
We carry nine local cheeses and we're always thinking about more. We have the new FLX Cheese Board which has the Three Sisters Nettle Meadow, Lively Run Chevre and Harpersfield Dill Tilsit served with julienne dried apricots, fresh herbs and a toasted multi-grain baguette. Our Stuffed Skins are layered with bacon and New York State cheddar, comfort food. We have 4 more cheese lover appetizers: Mozzarella Wedges which are Empire Mozzarella triangles Panko breaded, fried golden brown and served with a spicy red pepper jam. We even melt the Empire Cheese Co's provolone over our French Onion soup. Keeley McGarr of McGarr Dairy Farm makes a Riesling washed soft rind cheese that is to die for. We serve it warm with local honey, almond slivers and crostini.  and...La piece de la resistance is our Arugula and Mozzarella Flat Bread. It features our own house made mozzarella made from farm fresh, local milk. We love cheese so much, we make our own mozzarella. That's dedication. Our mozzarella is featured in a dinner entree and a salad, too. Our really big burger, the one pound Red Beer'd Burger, features melted Bier Meck cheese from Finger Lakes Farmstead. It's a beer washed rind on a Gouda style cheese. It compliments the beer steamed beef and caramelized onions and apples perfectly. Our Rogues' Burger features New York state cheddar along with BBQ and bacon. Yum. My current fav's are from Lively Run Goat Dairy. They make the best Feta and Chevre on earth. The Feta is on our Greek Grilled Salad, a summer time favorite. I think that's nine...Three Sisters Nettle Meadow, Lively Run Chevre, Harpersfield Tilset, Empire Cheddar, Empire Provolone, Our Mozzarella, Keeley's Pond Hopper, Finger Lakes Farmstead Bier Meck, and Lively Run Feta. Yup, that's nine.
We're proud to offer so many local cheeses and we often venture out to visit the farms where they're made. We really enjoy meeting the cheese makers, seeing the beautiful farm, hanging out with the happy cows, goats and sheep... It's an incredibly scenic drive to nice friendly folks making really, really good artisan cheese. The Finger Lakes Cheese Trail  leads to the best cheese around, even in the most out of way places. So, follow the trail, it leads to every cheese maker under the moon (disappointingly not made of cheese) in the Finger Lakes- and you might just stumble upon us along the way.