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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oktoberfest Comes to Rogues Harbor!

The German Oktoberfest may have officially ended October 3rd, but at Rogues we're just gearing up for some Fest spirit of our own. Sometime this week we will begin pouring our next Brewers Choice beer, an Oktoberfest inspired ale! While a traditional German Oktoberfest beer is of the lager variety and spend a good deal of time lagering before being served we're making use of an ale yeast that was more comfortable fermenting in our current climate. We've used much the same malt and hops that you'll find in a German beer, and we think you're going to really like the result.

So what exactly is Oktoberfest all about? The festival began as a wedding celebration for Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen(say that one three times fast.. Or try saying it even just once!). A few years later they moved the date from the middle of October to the beginning of September to have a chance at better weather for the festival. They also incorporated a celebration of the harvest in to the festival; the Munich citizens would celebrate their fortunes of harvest prior to the coming of winter. Overtime Oktoberfest has spread from Munich and the rest of Germany to a world wide celebration of beer, especially German lagers. A true Oktoberfest beer is one that has been brewed in the city limits of Munich and then designated as an Oktoberfest beer. Many breweries throughout the world brew their own Fest beers at this time, often calling them Oktoberfest beers as an homage to the Munich brewing tradition.

At Rogues we will celebrate the tradition of giving thanks to bountiful harvests, good friendships, and tasty beer with our Fest beer brewed right here in the heart of the Finger Lakes. I've been told to be on the lookout for some menu items fittingly designed to go with our newest beer and to help everyone celebrate a piece of German tradition and history in a Centeal New  York style!