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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Locavore Drink Specials in the Heart of the Finger Lakes

Rogues' Harbor Inn has always been a devotee of all things local: NY wines, NY craft brews, Cortland apples, Finger Lakes cheeses, Finger Lakes beef, fresh corn, tomatoes, herbs, berries, squash... all from right down the road. We love it all. What's not to love about fresh produce grown nearby by folks in your own community who care about what they're growing & selling to their neighbors. A fresh locally sourced meal complimented by a local beverage is the epitome of just being where you are, and the Finger Lakes is a lush & delicious place to be.
Beverages are important here at Rogues', aka the Harbor. We've always been proud of serving only New York State wines, expanding into New York State craft brews, then our own brews, and now we've found a number of local distillers. Jack pot. Finger Lakes Distilling in Watkins Glen distills all their spirits from Finger Lakes grapes. Seneca Drums gin is very junipery & cucumbery, uber refreshing. I also love the Maple Jack, especially in a cup of freshly brewed Gimme coffee (from Ithaca). Finger Lakes Distilling's Mckenzie Rye (named for the owner & the distiller, not related- some things are just meant to be) is my husband's favorite. It's oh so smooth, even Martha Stewart thinks so. One lake over to the East is Hidden Marsh Distillery at the Montezuma Winery on Cayuga. They distill their Bee vodka from honey. It's really good.
Our drink special lists always vary with the season. Nothing surprising about frozen drinks in the summer and hot, spiced drinks in the winter. But, this fall we've begun the addition & from this day forward tradition of making sure that every seasonal featured drink on the list contains at least one local component. Here's this season's line up.

Hot NYS Cider & Rum
Local cider served hot with Capt. Morgan’s spiced rum  

I NY Coffee
Maple Jack liqueur by Finger Lakes Distilling & fresh brewed coffee by Gimme of Ithaca   

Love Potion #9
Red Cat wine by Hazlitt with vodka, served up

Niagara Falls
Apple vodka with maple jack liqueur by Finger Lakes Distilling, lemon juice,
triple sec & ginger ale    

Blueberry Cobbler 
Blueberry Port by Duck Walk Vineyard, triple sec, club soda  

Bleu Stuffed Martini
Seneca Drums gin by Finger Lakes Distilling with Bleu cheese stuffed olive & dry vermouth 

Garlic Stuffed Martini
Seneca Drums Gin by Finger Lakes Distilling with  a garlic stuffed olive & dry vermouth  

Honey Gingertini
Honey distilled vodka by Montezuma Distilling with dry vermouth, a splash of
ginger ale & candied ginger

McKenzie Rye
McKenzie Rye from Finger Lakes Distilling served on the rocks, unpolluted 

At the risk of sounding preachy, how you choose to spend your hard earned money really matters. You can have a great time and support your local economy at the same time by eating and drinking local Finger Lake's food & drink. It's a win win. Bottoms up!