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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

We had a boisterous crowd at the Rogues' Harbor Inn restaurant tonight and we liked it. It always makes us happy to know for certain that everyone is enjoying themselves- smiling faces, uproarious laughter, plates licked clean, more drinks for everyone...In the Bed & Breakfast we had a big family here for a reunion, a few other guests here for high school reunions and some wedding revelers. Really nice folks enjoying each other's company, a generous dinner, a few drinks and some well told stories.
The stories are a bonus for us. We love meeting everyone, making sure they're well fed and watered, and catching a few tales of big fun. Over the years, listening to deeds of misadventure, a scale has evolved in my mind. The "fun" scale reveals the level of planning required for the Rogues' happy hour, dinner, Finger Lakes wine tour, microbrewery visit, pub crawl, concert weekend, canoe trip... and the craziness of the antics anticipated. There are always those that choose to fly by the seat of their pants, but there are some real planners among us this evening and they have some tales to tell.

Level One: Shut off the cell phone
Level Two: Designate a driver- always prudent
Level Three: Ladies bring second pair of comfy  shoes for late night, Men always ready
Level Four: Stock up on Tylenol or alka seltzer
Level Five: Ladies shave legs, wear matching bra & undies, Men always ready
Level Six: Bring an entire extra set of clothes & a tooth brush
Level Seven: Create an elaborate alias: name, hometown, profession, family
Level Eight:  Hide your wallet and valuables
Level Nine: Book a room, no really book room
Level Ten: Bring enough cash to post bail
Level Ten Plus (from @brewcuse on twitter): Have the DA's or your lawyer's number on speed dial
I promise that we have heard each of these pre-celebratory preparations in a story. Level Ten I was just made aware of this evening and I think that it is totally over the top. My husband was in the Merchant Marine for 20 plus years and when i told him about Level Ten he was not surprised in the slightest. In fact, when he worked as a Chief Mate on several ships it was on his check list of pre-departure duties to account for all crew. If any were missing he was to take some cash (set aside just for this eventuality) and go post bail for the missing revellers stuck on shore.
The Inn was named for a harbor of rogues and we love a good time. So if you want to head to Ithaca, the Heart of the Finger Lakes for some fun, sun, Cayuga wineries & microbreweries, hiking, maybe live music in a pub or at Grass Roots festival, this is the place for you. But if your preparations exceed Level Six, maybe you'd better head to Vegas. Bring some friends and family and live it up- and bring your best stories. We love a good bed time story.