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Monday, March 28, 2011

General Daniel D. Minier, Builder of the Rogues' Harbor Inn

Major General Daniel D. Minier was born September 30, 1794 in Lansing, NY. His father Abram settled his growing family, wife Rachel & eventually 9 children, in Lansing from Elmira in 1793 after purchasing 600 acres of military lot 87 from Captain Van Rensselaer of Albany.
*General Minier served in the 50th Infantry Brigade of the New York State Militia during the war of 1812 . He served until 1836 when it is believed the Hotel began operating.
*General Minier began building the Central Exchange Hotel (aka the Rogues' Harbor Inn) in 1830 on 5 acres of land in Libertyville (now known as South Lansing) along the stage coach line from Albany to Buffalo where the horses were exchanged- hence the name Central Exchange Hotel. From Libertyville (South Lansing) stages went to King Ferry and were barged across the lake to Kidder's Point, then onto Ovid and points West.
*According to Alice Bristol, "History of the Town of Lansing", the original floor plan for the Hotel was: the first floor had a bar, a store, a grill, a dining room and a sitting room. The second floor was divided into bedrooms. The North West corner was said to be called the Governor's Suite where William Henry Seward would stay on occasion. Most of the third floor was a large ballroom.
*The ballroom held many political meetings and social gatherings some of which have been described in articles in the Ithaca Journal & General Advertiser. From these articles it is known that General Minier was the Chairman of the Free Soil Party, Chairman of the County Board of Canvassers & Inspectors of Elections, and served as Lansing's Town Supervisor 1837-1840.
* 7 years after the Hotel's entire completion, General Minier died October 8, 1849 . He remained a bachelor so upon his passing the Hotel was left to one of his brothers. General Minier is buried at the Asbury Cemetery just one mile from his Hotel.